Golden Time

Sometimes we got a great spontaneous family dinner during the week. Lynda's Dad and her niece Jayda spend this evening with us and it was really nice. A delicious 3 course meal and heaps of red wine. We had a shrimp appetizer with avocados, lettuce and yummi cocktail sauce. That's also a typical christmas starter here in New Zealand. As a main course we had roast chicken, fried potatos, carrots, broccoli-cauliflower-cheese-casserole, heaps of mouth watering gravy and ciabatta bread. Oh my gosh, it was so lovely. Jayda made some self-saucing chocolate pudding for dessert. I really enjoy this moments, 'cause there are so wonderful and special. We do not eat often together, but if we do, it's big and delicious.

This saturday we will celebrate Lynda's Moms Birthday with another big family dinner in a Restaurant.  Wai Turoa-Morgan is a really interesting woman. Good looking, really polite and powerful. She can't remember when she last saw a winter. 
From October till April she lives here in New Zealand and spend time with her family, her partner and enjoys the life Down Under. Then she escapes before winter starts here and spends the other 6 month of the year in Germany and the Netherlands. Why? Beacuse she's in hot demand as a teacher at some of Europe's shaman schools where students learn how to reconnect with their spirituality - using Whea Wai's way with wairua. For almost 15 years.


frl. wunderbar hat gesagt…

Wow. Das sieht alles so irre lecker aus!!

fuddled hat gesagt…

The dinner looks wonderful. My family also don't eat together so often but when we eat together it is so great.

Carolyn hat gesagt…

oh freut mich wirklich sehr dass dir mein blog so gut gefällt & du ihn verfolgst :)
ich finde deinen blog übrigens auch sehr schön & werde ab jetzt öfter mal vorbeischauen :)

carolyn <3