say it in english, please...

Why aren't you writing your blog in english, now that you are in New Zealand?
This question is asked me a couple of days ago in 'formspring'. I thought about it. I really like to talk in english, this is one of the reason for doing this Au Pair Year in an english spoken country. And its also a nice thought to know, that an english written blog is so much easier to read and understand for people all over the world and to be a little international...(whatever).
But still I never wanted to change my blog totally in english, cause I was afraid 'something' could get lost. I cannot express my feeling and thoughts 100 % in english, but sometimes you just need do write about feelings so clear and pure that your native language is the easiest way to discribe. 
Moreover, a big part of my family started to read my blog to be up to date with my life here. I doubt that my grandparents can understand Kiwi Slang...

Anyway..right now I have great pleasure by writing this post in english. Everyday I can add more new words to my vocabulary And phrases. Of course I still get asked where I come from. A Taxi Driver thought I was argentinean because of my accent. But the people here are so friendly, when they notice that you are not a Kiwi and they want to know about your homecountry and the reasons for your stay.

Okay, mates, this is all for now. Iam lying on my cozy bed, eating low fat rice crackers (another great thing about new zealand) and watch a couple of 'How I met your mother' episodes. What a great life :) Good night, guys. See ya!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Ivy, bitte wieder auf deutsch schreiben. das ist so einfach anstrengend und ich deine sehr gefühlvolle art zu schreiben kommt im Deutschen einfach besser zu geltung.

Sonny hat gesagt…

I ♥ the english language :)

Ivy hat gesagt…

Anstrengend? ich hab mich doch extra ganz einfachen englisch bedient. aber naja, ich werde in zukunft trotzdem hin und wieder in english posten, weil ich gemerkt habe, dass es ganz schön sein kann. nicht alles, dafür war der blog nie gedacht, aber hin und wieder passt es einfach, wenn man schon jeden tag nur englisch spricht.
Hoffe das ist trotzdem ok für euch, ich packe ja jetzt auch nicht mein nicht vorhandenes oxford-business-englisch aus und hau euch hochkomplizierte begriffe um die ohren.

nora maryll hat gesagt…

schönes layout, ich mag die typographie sehr! viel erfolg für deinen aupair-aufenthalt!

Anonym hat gesagt…

haha, so war das nicht gemeint, ich habe nen LL.B. absolviert ;-)
Ich meine, dass Du auf deutsch einfach "echter" klingst. Das ist ja bei (fast) jedem so. Das war auch nicht böse gemeint, es ist ja dein blog.

Gabba hat gesagt…

Hahaha how funny! This reminds me of my English teacher (he's from New Zealand). I'm an Argentinian and now I wonder what a taxi driver would say to me if he heard my accent (not that I'm a German, most definitely haha).

This also reminds me of my plans last year, I wanted to travel to the UK for that Au Pair thing, but nothing turned out the way I'd expected :/ Instead, I've decided to start university this year and maybe one day I'll be able to travel for business and doing what I've studied (film making).

I ended up writing to you here cos I was looking for bloggers who listen to Peter Fox, as my German teacher recommended him the other day in class. So apart from my native tongue and English, I'm going for German too :)

I'm following you now, hope you keep having viel Spaß!