I just want to hear that life is great and that you live in a pretty neighbourhood with flowers at the balcony and a little italien restaurant two doors next to you who make calzone and bruchetta. And I want to hear that college is awesome and you meet all this new people in Temple who give you a great feeling. Tell me more about privat partys at night like in the movies, about big classrooms where you can see a pretty good looking girl at the other side of the room smiling at you. I wanna hear about the Indian Summer right now in Pennsylvania and how it is to eat the lunch outside, while the leaves falling down. Tell me about concerts you visit and burgers you eat late at night while its still warm outside and John Legend sings on the radio. Tell me about how excited you are for Thankgiving. That you will have a great giantic turkey who can feed all of your family. I wanna hear more about the sweet potatos, the cranberries and the dessert. Tell me more from the the american dream and the chocolate cookies you will eat late at night. Tell me that life is still like August one year ago.

I felt the taste of grape soda on my tongue, I ate Donuts with sparkles. We rolled down our windows and waved our hands to Kings of Leon. You ate muffins and pancakes and a glas of milk in the morning. I remember how hot it was late at night at the Philadelphia train station. And the guy who begged for some money. Seems like yesterday. I still can see you, steeling the white napkin from a restaurant in Philadelphia to stop your bleeding. And how the spoon and the fork fall down on the street. I wonder what happend with them. We ate cheesesteaks in a little shop in chinatown and we made silly photos at Central Park. The car broke down on the way to New Jersey and Chris boat broke down while we were far away from home. We swam in the ocean and gampled in Atlantic City. Police officers showed us the way to the Empire State Building and I drank dutch beer and ate mustard pretzels.

You know, when you think about the United States, everybody has is own dream about how it would be, to be there.
My 3 weeks with you, were not like I imagined before.
They were better. A lot of. 

They were perfect.  


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